Dr. Gert du Toit

MB ChB (CUM LAUDE)(Pret) M Med (Surg)(CUM LAUDE) (UOFS) F.C.S. (SA)

Specialist Surgeon

Telephone: 031 201 3070


Mission statement:

It is a privilege to serve patients with skills obtained through academic knowledge and experience. The Surgical skills-set is offered in a dynamic ever-changing environment and has to be offered to patients in an Ethical and outcome-based manner.

The uniqueness of Private practice is that the applied technology can be tailor-made to every patient’s situation.

An outstanding highlight of my career has been to have been part of the initiation and development of Laparoscopic surgery to its current advanced state. This concept of minimal access surgery epitomizes my entire mission to patients.

Dr. Du Toit has a passion for perfection. He explains his passion as follows: “I regard this as a God-given ability. I, strive to offer this service humbly, to all my patients with dignity and respect.” 


Dr. Gert du Toit obtained his MBChB degree in Pretoria (Cum Laude).  He was awarded the Nestlé Prize for the best achievement in Paediatrics in 1987.  In 1991, he specialized in Internal Medicine for one year, after which he changed to General Surgery at the University of Free State.  He completed the degree (Cum Laude) in 1996 and obtained the FCS (SA).

Dr. du Toit started Private Practice in 1996 at St Augustine’s Hospital.  His main interest is in advanced digestive laparoscopic surgery. They have developed expert skill sets in all aspects of laparoscopic and open gastrointestinal surgery, endocrine surgery (including breast surgery), and hernia surgery.

The partnership of Drs du Toit & Funnell received their accreditation for bariatric weight loss surgery from Professor Linroth from Sweden in January 2007.  The partnership received the first-time award from SASSO (South African Society for Surgery, Obesity, and Metabolism) in July 2017 for the Best Bariatric Centre in South Africa.  He currently serves on the executive of SASSO.

Dr. Du Toit has gained his expertise in laparoscopic surgery through various additional international workshops.  He is a member of SASES, SAGES, ASSA, and IFSO, and was Chairman of the St Augustine’s Physicians Advisory Board for 6 years. He was re-elected PAB chairman in 2020.

Dr. Du Toit is married to Deidre, a passionate graduated pianist. Together, they have raised three sons. Dr du Toit and his wife enjoy traveling and cuisine. In his spare time, he makes bespoke furniture.