My name is Melissa Gibson, I had always been overweight,  but it was in my twenties that I became obese. I suffered from severe depression and a list of illnesses that included fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, insulin resistance, and was pre-diabetic. On top of this, I battled with everyday life with excessive weight, it made me lethargic and weak. I weighed 148 kgs and had tried every diet out there!

I was referred to Dr. Du Toit by my Endocrinologist.  He was absolutely wonderful.  He was honest and thorough and answered every question I had about Gastric Bypass including the questions my husband had. When he gave me an estimated life expectancy of 57 I knew that I had to take the opportunity to have the operation,  his assistant Dera was incredible and assisted in all of the admin requirements. It really took away all the worry for me.


On the 16th of January 2016, I went in for my Gastric Bypass. I was put on a pre and post-op diet which was difficult but I managed it, and if I can anybody can. The operation went well and I was home after four days. My lifestyle did change, I had to become more aware of what I was eating and mainly the amount of food I was eating. It took a couple of months but I was used to it. I now live a normal life. I still get to have foods I like but my appetite has changed, I no longer crave the “bad stuff”. I have introduced exercises which I love. I now weigh 89kgs.  I am happy, I get to run and jump and laugh and can shop in normal clothes shops.  My confidence is back and I love my life.

Surgeon: Dr Gert du Toit

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